1. Short term courses and workshops offered by the Ginawaydaganuc Academy.
2. Rental space for other facilitators to offer their own workshops and/or private or public conferences.
3. Assistance for inventors and businesses to develop and deploy their pro-eco ideas.

The Ginawaydaganuc Academy intends to provide workshops and hands-on experience in a variety of subjects, including sustainable eco-friendly construction methods, such as cordwood masonry. The academy also hopes to assist with housing solutions for low-income families. The academy will also offer workshops on a variety of social and cultural studies, traditional medicines, arts, crafts, and more.

The Academy also hopes to engage artistic directors who can provide diverse workshops in arts and crafts, and engage colleges and universities to help co-develop these programs.

We also intend to find creative ways to encourage and support businesses that are developing services and materials that will help humanity learn to live in harmony with the environment.

Our programs will be 100% inclusive, offered to people from all walks of life.

One of the key missions of this program is also to forge deeper connections with Indigenous communities across Canada and to be of assistance wherever we can. We also want to help students take what they learn at the Academy home to their communities. For example, constructing safe, contaminant-free homes on reserves has been an issue plaguing Indigenous communities across the country. We believe that Cordwood Masonry is a valid solution, and this is one of the workshops we plan to offer at the academy. Cordwood Masonry uses materials that can be found on the land nearly everywhere across Canada and is a highly efficient and eco-friendly building method. The entire community (young to old) can participate in this construction method. This eco-friendly, low maintenance,  durable, and highly affordable building technique has excellent R-value and a near-zero carbon footprint. Cordwood masonry also lends itself well to creating in-wall stained-glass mosaics. The finished look is breathtaking!

Students will gain transferable skills by also being immersed in the village’s active businesses. We look forward to helping them set up their own businesses. Our courses will also be available for people with disabilities and for those requiring rehabilitation. The program is also expected to lead to the construction of assisted housing for low-income families. Our students will learn by doing.

If you have a pro-eco business idea, or are a teacher with skills in any of the above, and/or interested in anything else having to do with the academy, please contact us at