Ginawaydaganuc Village

Ginawaydaganuc Village (GV) is an Indigenous-led non-profit organization with an innovative economic development plan to construct an eco-sensitive, education and tourist centre to promote Indigenous ideologies about interconnectedness, relationship building and healing through inclusiveness, social integration, environmentally conscious practices, Indigenous cultural tourism, and job creation. 

Ginawaydaganuc is an Algonquin word, the essence of which means ‘we/all things are connected’ and the name was chosen to honour the late Algonquin Elder William Commanda. The Spirit of Ginawaydaganuc speaks to our intrinsic relationship to Mother Earth — her land, air and waters — as well as to the cosmos, and, of course, to each other. Ginawaydaganuc is the thread that connects ALL cultures, ALL peoples, and all things together. This project is about acknowledging and honouring that connection, as well as anchoring and channeling the kind constructive energies and tools we need for humanity to live and work together in harmony towards a better future. Far more than just a business hub, this venue will provide truly unique, life-changing experiences while standing out as a beacon for social and economic ingenuity as well as being a role model for environmentally sound economic expansion.

In keeping with our medicine wheel teachings, at its core GV is a non-profit that will govern the Elder’s Lodge and teaching academy, as well as be the governing body for the village complex. Our vision sees our core elements surrounded by other business entities (including a restaurant, hotel, retail space, conference and workshop space) that supply goods and services that will assist our core programs. GV plans to to own the land and buildings and lease them out to these other entities, providing a stable, affordable, and prosperous environment where all can thrive. We firmly believe the co-existence and reciprocal relationships that will be created between these entities will ensure the entire village becomes strong and sustainable.


About The Project

Guided by Indigenous Elders and knowledge keepers, this multi-faceted plan will offer programs for the general public as well as a focus on special programming for marginalized and vulnerable populations. GV aims to set a positive example with its use of environmentally proactive construction modalities (such as living green roofs, Sirewall, cordwood masonry, hempcrete, strawbale, solar and much more) to create short-term lodging, healthy cuisine opportunities, retail space, social gathering and workshop space. It will also provide Indigenous teachings, and educational opportunities that promote social well-being and sustainable living and working practices. The project will also support and create opportunities for individuals and businesses who are developing products and services to assist mankind's efforts to harmonize with the environment. In this way, we hope to help repair and prepare the way for the seven generations to come.

Our programming will be customize to suit underserved members of the community, such as low income families, children aging out of social services, victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse, those suffering from FASD (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and other developmental delays, and especially Indigenous youth from remote reserves who will benefit greatly by our integration and bridge-building programs as well as the opportunity to bring home much needed housing construction methods that utilize locally sourced materials.

The project is slated to be built in eastern Ontario within the next 2-4 years.


News & Events

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